18 January 2011

Tasik Biru - Bukit Ibam

Majority of the people in Muadzam Shah are students. We have just discovered that students of University of Tenaga Nasional love to visit this place where they called Tasik Biru. So we visited the place last week and yes, it was awesome to be there. We took some pictures, and below we would like to share with you guys. Take a look :)

Front View

The Town of Bukit Ibam
From Top of the Hill
One of our group member, Faizul point up to the sky waiting for the sunset

Sunset View at Bukit Ibam

For those of you who would like to visit Tasik Biru, we already prepared a map as a guide. From Muadzam Shah to Bukit Ibam it's only about 20km. Below is the direction that we provide especially for you guys.

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  1. cantik gambar2 ni tapi yg paling cantik yg matahari nk terbenam tuu