18 January 2011

 TNC Cup 2010/2011

This month we student of Uniten are having TNC Cup (Football Tournament). Which are held once every year. For this semester 13 teams participated in this tournament. Some giants teams such like Phoenix Fc, UIFC, Lunatic Fc are the favorites to win this competition. There area also some nasty teams like Civetta Fc, Yop Pantai, who are also tough teams, but sadly they are eliminated in group stage. Previous winners UIFC and Lunatic are no longer as good as before. The competition is getting tougher.  Currently we just past finished group stage. Uniten's staff also joined it to have fun, but they lost all the way. Next week the new champion will be crowned. As final is held on Sunday. Where many people will come and see as though as in World Cup, LoL. 

Organizers of this tournament

Yob Pantai
Phoenix Fc
Civetta Fc

This weekend quarter final, semi final and final. On Sunday we will know who are the new champion of TNC Cup 2010/2011. Below are the draw for the quarter final.

TNC CUP 2010/11 Quarter Final Updates
 Gunpunk vs UIFC
Phoenix vs Questra
Sixers vs Craft
Boycott vs Lunatic
Do wait for our posting about latest news and pictures!